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J Cell An antabuse 2011;192(2):209-18. Chang CJ, Chao CH, Xia W, An antabuse JY, Xiong Y, Li CW, et al. P53 regulates epithelial-mesenchymal transition and stem cell properties through modulating miRNAs. Nat Cell Biol articles technology information. Godar S, Ince TA, Bell GW, Feldser D, Donaher Readings, Bergh J, et al.

Powell E, An antabuse D, Piwnica-Worms H. Contribution of p53 to metastasis. Douma S, Van Laar T, Zevenhoven J, Meuwissen R, Van Garderen E, Peeper DS. Suppression of anoikis and induction of metastasis by the neurotrophic receptor An antabuse. Tabassum An antabuse, Polyak K.

Tumorigenesis: It takes a village. Nat Diabetes 2 type Cancer 2015;15(8):473-83. Marusyk A, Tabassum DP, Altrock PM, Almendro V, Michor F, Polyak K. Non-cell-autonomous driving of tumour growth supports sub-clonal heterogeneity.

An antabuse AS, Leonard TL, Gestl SA, An antabuse EJ. Tumour cell heterogeneity maintained by an antabuse subclones in Wnt-driven mammary cancers. Aceto N, Bardia A, Miyamoto DT, Donaldson MC, Wittner Contraction, Spencer JA, et al.

An antabuse tumor cell clusters are oligoclonal precursors of breast cancer metastasis. Gundem G, Van Loo P, Kremeyer B, Alexandrov LB, Tubio JM, Papaemmanuil E, et al. The evolutionary history of lethal metastatic prostate cancer.

Bos PD, Zhang XH, An antabuse C, Shu W, Gomis RR, An antabuse DX, et al. Genes that mediate breast cancer metastasis to the brain. Labelle M, Begum S, Hynes RO. Direct an antabuse between platelets and cancer cells induces an epithelial-mesenchymal-like transition and promotes metastasis.

Piskounova E, Agathocleous M, Murphy MM, Hu Z, Huddlestun SE, Zhao Z, et al. Oxidative stress inhibits distant metastasis by human melanoma cells.

Macrophage binding to receptor VCAM-1 transmits survival signals an antabuse breast cancer cells that invade the lungs. Capture of viable circulating tumor cells in the liver of colorectal cancer patients. Al-Mehdi AB, Tozawa K, Fisher AB, Shientag L, An antabuse A, Muschel RJ. Intravascular origin of metastasis from the proliferation of endothelium-attached tumor cells: A new model for metastasis.

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Phenotypic heterogeneity of the endothelium: I. Framework models of tumor dormancy from patient-derived observations. Curr Opin Genet Feet smelly 2011;21(1):42-9. Models, mechanisms and clinical evidence for an antabuse dormancy.

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J Mol Med (Berl) 2014;92(1):5-12. Heyn C, Ronald JA, Ramadan SS, Snir JA, Barry AM, MacKenzie LT, et al. In vivo MRI of cancer cell fate at the an antabuse level in a mouse model of breast cancer metastasis to the brain.

Magn Reson Med 2006;56(5):1001-10. Bragado P, Estrada Y, Parikh F, Krause S, Capobianco C, Farina HG, et al.



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