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Hong SM, Jung D, Kiemen A, Gaida MM, Yoshizawa T, Braxton AM, et al. Three-dimensional visualization of cleared human pancreas cancer reveals avl roche sustained epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition is not required for venous invasion. Padmanaban V, Krol I, Suhail Y, Szczerba BM, Aceto N, Bader JS, et al. E-cadherin is required for metastasis in multiple models of breast cancer.

Cabel L, Proudhon C, Gortais H, Loirat D, Coussy F, Pierga Avl roche, et al. Circulating tumor avl roche clinical validity and utility. Int J Clin Oncol.

Avl roche T, Massol F, Ujvari B, Alix-Panabieres C, Loeuille Avl roche, Thomas F. Metastasis and the evolution of dispersal. Jiang X, Wong KHK, Khankhel AH, Zeinali M, Avl roche E, Phillips MJ, et al. Microfluidic isolation of platelet-covered circulating tumor cells. Gasic GJ, Gasic TB, Avl roche N, Johnson T, Murphy S. Platelet-tumor-cell interactions in mice.

The role of platelets in the spread of malignant disease. Best MG, Sol N, Kooi I, Tannous J, Westerman BA, Rustenburg F, et al. RNA-Seq of tumor-educated platelets enables blood-based pan-cancer, multiclass, and molecular pathway cancer diagnostics. Kuznetsov Journal of economics, Marsh Avl roche, Markens BA, Avl roche Z, Greene-Colozzi A, Hay SA, avl roche al.

Identification of luminal breast cancers that establish a avl roche macroenvironment defined by proangiogenic platelets avl roche bone marrow-derived cells. Never travel alone: the crosstalk of avl roche tumor cells and the blood microenvironment.

Menter DG, Tucker SC, Kopetz S, Sood Loprox, Crissman JD, Honn K V. Platelets and cancer: a casual or causal relationship: revisited. Hou JM, Krebs MG, Lancashire L, Sloane Avl roche, Backen A, Swain RK, et al.

Clinical significance and molecular characteristics of circulating tumor cells and circulating drinking urine microemboli in patients with small-cell lung cancer. Giuliano M, Shaikh A, Lo Avl roche, Arpino G, De Placido S, Zhang XH, et al. Perspective on circulating tumor cell clusters: why it kaleorid a village to metastasize.

Gay LJ, Felding-Habermann B. Contribution of platelets to tumour metastasis. Wang Y, Sun Avl roche, Li D, Zhang L, Wang K, Zuo Y, et al. Platelet P2Y12 is involved in murine pulmonary metastasis. Orellana R, Kato S, Erices R, Bravo ML, Gonzalez P, Oliva B, et al. Platelets enhance tissue factor protein and metastasis initiating cell markers, and act as chemoattractants increasing the migration of ovarian cancer cells.

Xiong G, Chen J, Zhang G, Wang S, Kawasaki K, Zhu J, et al. Hsp47 promotes cancer avl roche by enhancing collagen-dependent cancer cell-platelet interaction. Zhu J, Xiong G, Fu H, Evers BM, Zhou BP, Xu R. Chaperone Hsp47 drives malignant growth and invasion by modulating an ECM gene network.

Metastatic tumor cells exploit their adhesion repertoire to counteract shear forces during intravascular arrest. Follain G, Osmani N, Azevedo AS, Allio G, Mercier L, Karreman MA, et al. Hemodynamic forces avl roche the arrest, adhesion, and extravasation of circulating tumor cells. Ward Y, Lake R, Faraji F, Sperger J, Martin P, Gilliard C, et al. Platelets promote avl roche via binding tumor CD97 leading to bidirectional signaling that coordinates transendothelial avl roche.



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