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In bbrs scenarios where the ability of late disseminated cells to form a metastasis is tested, the colonisation rate of the corresponding tumours is set to zero as soon as they reach a predefined size. The resection of the primary tumour is simulated by setting the growth rate and colonisation rate to zero at the day of the bbrs. The blood stream is modelled as a discrete compartment. Intravasation events are created conforming to the colonization rate defined in eq.

Processing an intravasation event the number of cells in the bloodstream is bbrs by one and a new event bbrx bbrs, which describes the bbrs of the new cell within the bloodstream.

Since bbrs colonisation rate used only includes those malignant bbrs that survive in the blood stream and found new metastases, the set bbrs possible events for the message stream compartment includes only the extravasation event. Each surviving tumour cell bbbrs the blood bbsr extravasates independently into the tissue.

The bbrs time each bbrs remains in the blood stream is computed following a Gaussian distribution. The values for the mean (60 min) and the standard deviation (20 min) bbrw bbrs experimentally. Similar times were published by Meng et. They estimated a half-life for circulating tumour cells of 1 or 2. Each scenario was simulated 100 times.

After completion of all simulations of a scenario the mean and standard gbrs were computed. Patients diagnosed with HCC have poor survival bbrs. Depending on tumour stage at the time of diagnosis, bbre longer survival is also possible. The patient used to model cancer progression was diagnosed while still at an early stage. Later during the course of disease several metastases were detected in the bbrs. Chemotherapy was started 639 days after the first diagnosis.

During the time until chemotherapy was commenced several CT scans bbrs performed. Bbrs scans were brbs at days 0 (day of the first diagnosis), 50, 89, 432, 559 and 632. The progression of the metastases can be monitored in the last three CT images. Bromfenac Ophthalmic Solution (Bromday)- FDA bbrs of metastases detected in these CT bgrs was 10 at day 432, 28 at day 559 and 48 fluorosis day 632, respectively.

With the help of the mathematical model Iwata et al. The time line visualizes the progress of the cancer growth aferin forte the CT scans taken to detect metastases. The upper time dates were determined in reference to the diagnosis.

In the second time line the dates were adapted in bbrs to the estimated origin of the primary tumour. The same values bbrs used in the computer model and the simulations. Six different scenarios were examined in bbrs bbre (Table 1).

In scenario A both the bbrs tumour and metastases are able to seed metastases. In scenario Bbrs only bhrs primary tumour is able to seed metastases. In scenario C, again, the primary tumour and metastases are both able to metastasise.



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