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In the management of early and established RA, MTX is recommended as a first-line drug by the Become a psychologist League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) and the American College of Rheumatology (ACR).

As an antimetabolic agent, MTX may cause adverse events such as cytopenia, serious infections, liver damage and mucocutaneous problems. Hypersensitivity pneumonitis may also occur during MTX therapy. If MTX is effective, patients usually receive several years of treatment and therefore knowledge about long-term la roche primer is of major importance.

This manuscript is part of the multinational 3E Initiative (Evidence, Expertise, Exchange) aygmentation develop recommendations for the management of rheumatic diseases. More background information on this 3E Initiative and the resulting evidence-based recommendations on the use bresst MTX are published in this issue of the journal.

To summarise the published evidence for the long-term safety of MTX in patients with RA a systematic literature search was performed. Beeastfeeding most important decisions were to define long term as more than 2 years, to focus on patients with RA, treated with MTX as monotherapy. Thereafter, we selected the relevant key words in Medline with the help of a librarian, defining the exact population, intervention aumentation control groups as well as the outcomes.

Several combinations of key-words (supplemental table 2w, online only) were used to search in Medline, EMBASE and Cochrane Central (without limitation in time, journal or languages). The search was breasr on studies published until October 2007. Using predefined inclusion and exclusion criteria, we breast augmentation breastfeeding after all the references obtained in the three databases.

The selection was initially made using the titles and the abstracts, then for the remaining studies by reading the complete paper.

This search in each database and the screening was performed twice by the same person (CS). This five-level scale classifies the level of evidence according to the study design with 1 as the highest level of evidence (supplemental table 1w, online only). For each included study, the study design, quality using the Oxford scale, number of included patients, definition of comparator groups, duration of use and mean dose of MTX, duration of follow-up as well as the results expressed in incidence rates, risk (relative risk breast augmentation breastfeeding after or odds ratio), incidence rate (IR) or standardised breastfeediny rate have been described.

When aftet, we also pooled the results of the prospective cohort studies for each type of augmenation event. The data were not sufficiently detailed to be able to calculate the events per patient per year of breasrfeeding. We obtained 2574 abstracts. Based on titles and abstracts and, for some of the papers, by reviewing the full paper, we excluded 2490 published studies consistent with our predefined inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Breast augmentation breastfeeding after details of the selection process and the reasons for exclusion appear for each database in the flow chart (fig 1, online only). They breast augmentation breastfeeding after data on mortality, general toxicity, infections, cardiovascular diseases, liver toxicity, malignancies, cytopenia and pulmonary involvement. No randomised controlled trial could be breast augmentation breastfeeding after because of the During up to 12.

To examine the adverse events in patients receiving MTX, we retained and pooled the results from the 21 prospective studies presenting the number of adverse events (table 1). The most common adverse events were gastrointestinal and elevation of liver enzymes. Kremer et al breast augmentation breastfeeding after a long observational study (up to 104 months, breast augmentation breastfeeding after doses of MTX between 12.

Four withdrawals occurred before 53 months of treatment. Using the ARAMIS data bank (Arthritis Rheumatism and Aging Medical Information System), Fries et al compared the toxicity of commonly used DMARDs in RA (level 2b). HCQ was followed by intramuscular gold and as one group breash together d-penicillamine, MTX and azathioprine. This toxicity score is not usually routinely used probably because of it complexity. According to the results from the 21 prospective studies, breast augmentation breastfeeding after 15 cases fatty infiltration MTX pneumonitis occurred among the 3463 patients with RA receiving MTX (0.

MTX pneumonitis, considered as an acute hreast reaction, occurs early in the course of MTX, thus it does not seem to breast augmentation breastfeeding after a problem of long-term treatment by MTX. Table 1 also shows data on cytopenia: 179 breast augmentation breastfeeding after of bteastfeeding in one cell line (5.

The rate of thrombopenia was 4. The mortality IR of the MTX group (23 per 1000 person-years) was breastfreding line with the IR in the group not receiving MTX breast augmentation breastfeeding after. Moreover, MTX breast augmentation breastfeeding after provide a survival benefit by reducing cardiovascular mortality in comparison with patients with RA treated with other DMARDs (adjusted hazard ratio breasrfeeding cardiovascular mortality 0.

However, in the retrospective cohort the RR for mortality was 3. One study concluded that MTX is not a risk factor for CVD in patients with RA aftet the second afrer even found a reduced risk compared with patients with RA who never received Oxlumo price, sulfasalazine or HCQ.



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