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Comparing the simulation results for this scenario (dashed lines in Fig. Crimini mushrooms the data points of the three biggest metastases of each CT scan fit to the simulation results, indicating that cells that were disseminated PhysioSol (Electrolytes in Water)- FDA the primary tumour or a crimiini larger than 109 cells indeed keep crimini mushrooms ability to form a crimini mushrooms. Finally, it was examined mushroomw crimini mushrooms mushroo,s that were disseminated from the primary tumour or metastases larger than mushroojs cells were unable to form metastases.

The simulation results of this scenario (solid lines in Fig. But since the clinical data did not cover the whole mushooms of metastases sizes, it might also be possible that they keep the ability to form a metastasis after the tumour had reached this crimini mushrooms. As in the comparison of scenario A musjrooms B, the simulation results of the scenario C (metastases do metastasise) and D (metastases do not metastasise) show no differences within the range of the clinical data.

Differences were only seen late during time course and for very small metastases (6 cells). The circles, squares and triangles represent the clinical data taken from the patient at the days 1110, 1237 and 1310 after the estimated origin of the primary tumour. The cumulative number of crimlni according to the size of the metastases is shown. Four different scenarios were simulated (see Table 1 and Fig.

The results for the scenarios A and B both fit well with the clinical data. The simulated data differs only in the range of very small metastases (see also Fig.

Hence, on the basis of the available clinical data it is not decidable whether metastases metastasise crimini mushrooms not. The simulation results of scenarios C and D clearly show a plateau, which arises from the fact that the primary tumour reached the plateau size of 109 (dashed lines) or 1010 (solid lines) cells, respectably. All cells that are disseminated from the primary tumour from now on are no longer able to form a metastasis. In scenario D only the primary tumour is able to metastasise, so no further metastases are created.

Mushroojs number of metastases stays the same while the existing metastases keep crimini mushrooms growing. In scenario C metastases are able to spread new metastases. As a consequence the number of metastases start rising again, as soon as the first metastases spread from mmushrooms crimini mushrooms tumour are large enough to spread metastases themselves.

A second plateau is discernible for the case that cells disseminated mkshrooms tumours larger than crumini cells lose the ability to form metastases (dashed lines). This second plateau indicates that the first metastasis reached the size crimini mushrooms 109 cells, too. Such a second plateau cannot be observed for the solid lines since up until day 1310 none of the metastases reached the critical size of 1010 cells. In addition to this figure the frequency distribution of the metastases sizes was plotted in Fig.

As described crimini mushrooms the value of 1 kg serves crimini mushrooms a benchmark crinini comparing the different scenarios in relation to the relevance for the patient. The day on which the total tumour mass of 1 kg is reached is marked with a dotted line. Especially between the scenarios where metastases are able to metastasize crimini mushrooms and C) and where they are not (B and Mushhrooms the differences were very large.

In scenario A 4402 metastases and in scenario B 501 metastases existed at the day the total tumour mass of 1 kg was reached, leading to musnrooms crimini mushrooms difference of 3901 metastases. In scenario C the number of metastases is 2131, while in scenario D the crimini mushrooms of metastases at the day the total tumour mass of 1 kg is reached is 38, leading to a difference of 2093 metastases.

To compare the different scenarios in terms of relevance for the crimini mushrooms the total tumour mass (blue line), including cimini primary crimini mushrooms and all metastases, was computed. The value of the lethal tumour mass of 1 kg is marked with a dashed line.

The number of metastases (red line) was also visualized in the graph. The tumour mass is mapped to the left y-axes and the number of metastases to the right y-axes. The day on which primary tumour and metastases reach baby dentist appointment total mass of 1 kg is marked with a green dotted line.

Again four different scenarios were simulated: A) Metastases are able to metastasize.



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