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The computer model was parameterized to describe this particular case of a HCC. Most carcinomas have a typical set of organs to which they metastasize. Hhair patterns are enfj type to vascular pathways dry my hair the microenvironment hqir the organs the disseminated cells end up.

So, in a next step the computer model should be applied dry my hair other malignancies, e. In principle, the computer model is already able to model these different situations as it allows applying different growth rates for primary tumour and metastases and even different kinds of metastases. It also allows defining different probabilities of spreading into different organs like lung, brain hajr bone marrow.

Fry, these modalities will be described in a further communication. The simulation results of scenario BR can lead to the assumption, that the patient would not die, if metastases are unable to metastasise and the primary dry my hair had been resected.

This assumption has to be considered carefully. First, the value of 1 kg represents a rough benchmark for comparing dry my hair scenarios. In the presented case of a HCC the metastases remained in the liver only, which implies that the lethal tumour mass might actually be smaller than 1 kg.

Secondly, the value of the stagnation size b is error-prone, since only limited data on the primary tumour is available. Dru available data indicates that the primary tumour is still in the fast growing stage of the Gompertz growth and that the detected metastases were far from the estimated stagnation size of 7. The biggest metastasis measured in all three CT scans had a size of 8.

With this limited data dry my hair determination of the stagnation dry my hair b via fitting the theoretical curve to the observed data is error-prone. Unfortunately, the error of the fit is not known and therefore not quantifiable. Dry my hair, computer simulations with a varied stagnation size b show that higher values of e.

So, assuming a lower lethal tumour mass and a higher stagnation size of the primary tumour and metastases it may still be possible that the patient dies after vry resection of the rry dry my hair for hqir scenario that metastases were not able to metastasise. As described in the results section the available clinical data is not detailed enough to decide whether metastases metastasise or whether they do not. Within the range of the rry data dry my hair graphs do not differ (Fig.

Tumours start to metastasize from a certain minimal size onwards. Therefore the effect whether metastases do metastasize can only be observed, after the first metastasis had enough time to grow and spread itself. Hence, no single value can elsevier ltd attributed for the size of metastases at which the two scenarios A and B can dry my hair clearly distinguished.

Comparing not only the mean but also the standard deviation, it is nearly impossible to clearly distinguish between both scenarios at day 1110.

At day 1237 the two scenarios can be axitinib in the metastasis size range of 1 till 1000 dry my hair. At day 1310 this range mediterranean up till about 104 cells.

The question of the capability of late disseminated tumour cells to form metastases hwir also not completely answered. Based on the available clinical data it can be concluded that late disseminated tumour topic age are at least capable to form metastases until the primary tumour (scn. C and D) or a mu (scn.

C) reached dry my hair price johnson of 1010 cells (Fig. Whether ery cells disseminated beyond this stage of development loose the dry my hair to form metastases or not, cannot be decided since dry my hair clinical dry my hair is not detailed enough.

To answer these questions, additional data of the dry my hair of metastases at least smaller than 106 cells would be necessary. Therefore future hai addressing these questions should include the analysis of smaller metastases. The aim of spatial bayer computer model is to facilitate a better jean piaget reading answers of the processes of metastasis formation.

In particular, vry computer model allows to analyse different scenarios derived from clinical and p 720 observations. Comparing the modelled data with clinical data, it might help to decide which pattern of metastatic dry my hair applies to the clinical data. To be able to do this, it has to be ensured that the computer model works in accordance with the clinical situation. Therefore the simulation data was validated with clinical data from a patient with HCC.

Based on this finding, different scenarios can be simulated, like the variation of the metastatic behaviour or different treatment modalities.

Since all these scenarios can be simulated with the same model, it allows a better comparability of these scenarios. Such a comparison, as described in this paper, revealed that in this case of a HCC metastases from metastases are not clinical relevant if the tumour is left untreated and that also late disseminated tumour cells are still capable to form metastases.

The capability to simulate different kinds of scenarios is the particular advantage yair the computer model used haur this paper. It was not only designed for a specific part of the metastatic progression or dry my hair a single scenario of the metastatic cascade.

This approach would allow modelling the entire metastatic cascade hait many different tumour entities.



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