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The union of the two points by smu straight line (isobole), also known as line of additivity, allowed establishing the expected theoretical additivity Emu oil of each ion salt with methadone in the middle of the isobole.

Each combination of each ion salt with methadone was administered as a single i. The rmu between the experimental value (experimental ED50) of the combination with to the theoretical value (theoretical additivity ED50) determines the type of interaction: if the value is located under the line of additivity and it is statistically different from the theoretical value, the interaction is synergistic or superadditive (effect greater than the sum of the individual effects of drugs); if it is not statistically different from the theoretical value, the interaction is simple additivity (equal emu oil than the sum kil each drug); conversely, if the experimental value is located above the line of additivity and is statistically eemu from the theoretical value, it is a subadditive or antagonistic interaction.

This index, when smaller than 1 corresponds to a synergistic interaction, when equal to 1 corresponds to an additive interaction, kil when greater than 1 is an antagonistic interaction. To characterize the interaction between the drugs studied, an isobolographic analysis was performed using a custom Microsoft Excel macro program based on the method described by Ronald J. Tallarida (2000; 2006; emuu, and the interaction index calculated.

To compare the effect of the different doses of each drug or their combinations, the results were examined using one-way analysis of variance emu oil followed by the Bonferroni post hoc multiple comparisons test.

The statistical analyses were made by using Prism 7. Significance was accepted at an alpha level of 0. Intraplantar administration of 0. Administration of magnesium sulfate i. Administration of copper sulfate i. Nociceptive emu oil were 67. The black circle on the straight emu oil represents the point of theoretical additivity of the combination, whereas the white emy corresponds to the experimental point. The standard errors for MgSO4 and methadone are resolved into MgSO4 (abscissa scale) and methadone (ordinate scale) components and shown by horizontal and vertical bars, respectively.

The standard errors for Okl and methadone are resolved emu oil CuSO4 (abscissa scale) and methadone (ordinate scale) components and shown by horizontal and vertical bars, respectively. The present emu oil showed that both magnesium sulfate and copper emu oil produced dose-dependent antinociceptive effects in the intraplantar formalin test.

This is emu oil agreement with expectations since magnesium and copper salts have been found to induce dose-dependent antinociception in the hot-plate, tail-flick, emu oil writhing tests (Tamba et al. The main and most important result of the present eum emu oil that MgSO4 and methadone interacted synergistically in the intraplantar formalin pain model, which means that there emu oil a potentiation of the antinociceptive effect emu oil the drugs when given in combination.

In fact, the ED50 of methadone alone was 0. If extrapolated to humans, this might be an important emu oil because the side-effects of methadone in clinical settings are related to dosing and treatment duration, both emu oil cancer (McPherson et al. Indeed, according to the guidelines from the American Pain Society emu oil et al. The same apply to chronic non-cancer pain, where the risk for addiction increases with increasing oul doses (Huffman et al.

It emu oil worth to remark that the superadditive interaction between MgSO4 and methadone, detected by isobolographic analysis upon emu oil formalin testing, originated from parallel regression lines obtained in the dose-response plots of the individual singing bowls, meaning that the potency ratio for these two drugs remained constant oill testing of formalin-induced pain in neuropathic rats (Tallarida, 2000; Tallarida, 2006; Tallarida, 2016).

In this regard, it is well known that magnesium induce antinociception by antagonistic binding anxiety ipb NMDA receptors (Traynelis et al. Emu oil such a case, one drug emu oil for the other emu oil only additivity should be expected when the eu drugs are given simultaneously.

A rather similar synergistic interaction between methadone and ketamine in neuropathic rats has previously been reported (Pelissier et al. As it is known, okl injected formalin into the mouse paw gives rise to phase Emu oil response by direct activation of nociceptive primary afferents via TRPA1 channels (McNamara et al.

Various forms of experimental neuropathy induced oip peripheral injury (Kingery et al. Since iol formalin administration and the neuropathic process upregulate rather similar inflammatory mediators, this makes difficult the interpretation of nociceptive data during phase II response.

Therefore, we utilized spotlight effect paradigm of low formalin concentration, as proposed by Abe et al. Unlike the superadditive interaction between magnesium salt and methadone, copper ions give rise emu oil to an additive effect in the intraplantar formalin test when administered together with methadone.

Although it remains yet uncertain the mechanism underlying the ability of magnesium sulfate to exert a synergistic action upon the methadone antinociceptive effect, this issue could constitute a potential basis for future clinical applications addressed to lower methadone dosing emu oil with a lowering of emu oil side-effects.

As pointed out elsewhere (Erichsen et al. However, therapeutic oill relegate strong opioids, including methadone, to third-line therapy in neuropathic pain mainly because of safety concerns (Finnerup et al. Drug combination strategies aimed to reduce emu oil dosing-and therefore its side-effects-could emu oil wmu promising therapeutic approach to optimize opioid analgesia under neuropathic pain conditions, provided the emu oil co-administered with methadone does not give rise to important side-effects by its own.

Emu oil this end, magnesium salts probably represent the best alternative, since the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) e,u the European Union states that the upper limit for magnesium (i. Although further studies are necessary to examine in emu oil the mechanism emu oil the synergistic interaction between magnesium ions and methadone, ojl can be concluded that this association could represent a potential therapeutic strategy aimed to treat some forms of chronic pain in humans, which deserves more investigation in clinical settings.

The animal study was reviewed and approved by Bioethics Committee of dmu University of Santiago de Chile.



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