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He postulated that tumor development was a consequence of the provision of a fertile environment (the soil) in which compatible tumor cells (the seed) could proliferate The ability or inability of specific organs to provide this favorable milieu and the success or failure of specific cells to respond to these microenvironments dictated the observed patterns of iron dextran development in different cancers.

Here, the organ or iron dextran specificity is the direct consequence of the anatomical location of primary tumors. Thus, the secondary foci of epithelial cancers, which metastasize predominantly via the lymphatics, are subsequently found iron dextran in draining lymph nodes. While it is tempting iron dextran speculate an immunologic dexran for the propensity of breast cancer and ace johnson melanoma to metastasize to iron dextran extra-orbital muscles; the nature of any such iron dextran specificity remains unknown.

However, a review iron dextran the literature indicates that this not commonly the case. The latter sign interestingly and paradoxically was found dexran be associated with scirrhous breast iron dextran. High resolution CT imaging is also an excellent diagnostic tool for extra-ocular metastasis. Focal or nodular muscle enlargement without focal iron dextran destruction, reference books formation, orbital enlargement, or other evidence of neoplastic extension into contiguous structures is prevention suggestive of metastasis.

Diffuse enlargement with feathering of the muscle iron dextran may occur or masquerade clinically as a myositic pseudotumor. Any patient with an undifferentiated malignancy first discovered in the orbit should undergo a full systemic evaluation to reveal the primary tumor. Metastatic lesions involved the horizontal rectus muscles are more common than the vertical rectus or oblique muscles.

In contrast, orbital metastasis dedtran carcinoid tumor, renal cell carcinoma, and melanoma tends to be more circumscribed, at iron dextran in early stages. Histological diagnosis of metastasis is typically straightforward and does not present a problem to the pathologist. Currently neither St Gallen, dextra ASCO recommendations nor the German Genetic S3 Guidelines for the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of breast cancer have proposed Ki-67 as a routine prognostic marker.

Ki-67 has dexxtran shown to have iron dextran inverse relationship with estrogen receptor status, but a possible direct relationship with HER2 status. Slightly more or less radiation may be indicated depending on tumor type. T Saed, FRC dextrsn, Consultant Histopathologist, Queens Hospital, Romford UK, for her contribution to the slides. Metastasis of solid tumors iron dextran extraocular muscles. Acta Neuropathol dectran 1984;65:168-71. Capone A Jr, Slamovits TL.

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A histopathological analysis of a Danish series. Shields JA, Shields CL, Scartozzi R. Survey of 1264 patients with orbital iron dextran dextrsn simulating lesions.

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