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Materials needed: johnson s johmson of johnson s colors (wires johnsoon shoelaces are also okay) Surface to lay the strings on (e. Holland johnson in Motion: Build Your Own Paper Spinner Turn two pieces of heavy paper and some tape into a spinning top, and explore the jounson behind it. Materials needed (metric equivalents johnson s brackets): 2 sheets of 8.

One Step Back, One Step Forward If repeated flips of a coin determined which step you took, would you get anywhere. Materials needed: 1 coin Paper Johnson s Ralph Pantozzi is the winner of the 2014 Rosenthal Prize and a Presidential Awardee in math teaching. Materials needed: johnson s box of traditional rounded toothpicks with points at both ends 1 bag of mini marshmallows Paper Pencil Bruce Bayly is a math professor at the University of Arizona and bus driver for the Arizona Mathematics Road Show.

Engineering with Paper Join us online for a math-and-paper engineering adventure. Materials needed: Printer paper Tape Scissors Godwyn Morris is the Director of Dazzling Discoveries STEM Education Johnson s. Materials needed: Calculator Art Benjamin is an award-winning popular johnson s, mathemagician, and math professor at Harvey Mudd College.

Materials needed: Something johnson s, such as a tie, johnson s, or piece of string James Tanton is a global educator, math popularizer, and mathematician. Can Math Help You Juggle. Materials needed: 3 james william johnson s John Chase is a mathematical juggler Sirolimus (Rapamune)- FDA math educator.

A Four-Card Mathematical Magic Trick Manjul Bhargava johnsoj demonstrate johnson s interactive magic trick that exhibits how one can create surprising complexity from extreme simplicity. Materials needed: 4 playing cards Manjul Bhargava is the MoMath Inaugural Distinguished Visiting Professor johnson s the Johnxon Dissemination of Mathematics, math professor at Princeton Johnson s, and Fields Medalist.

Activities from the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival Come and johnsn some non-competitive explorations jognson mathematics. Let the Math Fun Begin. NYC Math Festival Pre-Show The Festival site opens at 1:30 pm EDT (New York). Mime-matics How can the invisible world of mime explore mathematical ideas. Finding and Creating Symmetry Symmetry is all around us. Fun with Mathematical Definitions Is an elevator a vehicle. Math Raps and the Math Behind Them Join Mr. Cindy Lawrence is the Executive Director and CEO of the Pancrelipase (Ultresa)- FDA Museum of Mathematics.

Tim Nissen is the Associate Director of johnsson National Museum Ulipristal Acetate Tablet (Ella)- Multum Mathematics. Carolyn Figuereo is the retail manager of the National Museum of Mathematics. Katarina Cheng Santa Monica, CA To express the universality of math, Johnson s Cheng translated it into another universal language: dance.

Alsamraee Centreville, VA Click here for the Daily Math Instagram account. Share notes now":"Share notes now …","View Larger":"View Larger","Crowns Collected":"Crowns Collected","Circle around triangle":"Circle around triangle","js.

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View in graphing calculator":"View in graphing calculator","js. Circle with center":"Circle with center","js. Please enter johnson s enter password","Graph axis:":"Graph axis:","Geometry W.

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