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Murrell Machine learning journal, Foster PJ, Chambers AF. Brain metastases from breast cancer: Lessons from experimental magnetic resonance imaging studies and clinical implications.

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In vivo MRI of machine learning journal cell fate at the single-cell level in a mouse model of breast cancer metastasis to the brain.

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Mol Cancer Res 2012;10(3):282-92. Gao H, Chakraborty G, Lee-Lim AP, Mo Q, Decker M, Vonica A, et al. The BMP inhibitor Coco reactivates breast cancer cells at lung metastatic sites. Lu X, Mu E, Wei Y, Riethdorf S, Yang Q, Yuan M, et al. Barkan D, El Touny LH, Michalowski AM, Smith JA, Chu Helping, Davis AS, et al.

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Stem cells and niches: Mechanisms that promote stem machine learning journal maintenance throughout machine learning journal. Hsu YC, Li L, Fuchs E. Emerging interactions between skin stem cells and their niches. Schepers AG, Snippert HJ, Stange DE, van den Born M, van Es JH, van de Wetering M, et al. Lineage tracing reveals Lgr5 stem cell activity in mouse intestinal adenomas. Driessens G, Beck B, Caauwe A, Simons BD, Blanpain C.

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