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Gaining weight around the abdomen (the so-called apple shape) is a specific risk factor for heart disease, diabetes, and many other health problems. Higher body mass index (BMI) may also be associated with increased risk for more frequent or severe hot flashes. Estrogen loss can contribute to slackness and rougb in the skin and wrinkles. Many women experience thinning of their hair and ssx have rough sex hair loss.

When women reach menopause, they are rough sex increased risk for heart disease. A heart-healthy diet and other lifestyle changes are rough sex ways to control cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

A combination of calcium and vitamin D can reduce the risk of osteoporosis, the bone loss associated with menopause. The best sources are from calcium-rich and vitamin D-fortified foods. Doctors are currently reconsidering the use of calcium rough sex vitamin D supplements. According to the USPSTF, taking daily low-dose amounts of vitamin D supplements ssex than 400 IU), with or without calcium supplements (less than 1,000 mg), does not prevent fractures.

For higher doses, the USPSTF says there is not enough evidence to make a recommendation. In addition to possible rough sex of benefit, these supplements are associated rough sex at lower doses) with certain photo porno young teen, like kidney stones.

However, calcium and vitamin D are important nutrients. Supplements may be appropriate for certain people including those who do not get enough vitamin D rough sex sunlight exposure and those who do not consume enough calcium in their diet. They are also helpful for people who sec been diagnosed riugh osteoporosis. Talk with your rougg about rough sex or not rough sex should rough sex supplements.

Women should consume low-fat dairy products and other foods rich in calcium rough sex green vegetables, sardines), or calcium-fortified foods and rough sex (orange juice, cereal), to rough sex enough calcium in their diet. Calcium supplements may be rough sex option for women who do not consume adequate amounts of calcium in their diets.

Calcium supplements include calcium carbonate (Caltrate, Os-Cal, and Tums), calcium citrate (Citracal), calcium gluconate, and calcium lactate. Although each kind rough sex calcium, they all have different calcium concentrations, absorption capabilities, and other actions.

High rough sex (over rough sex mg per day) of calcium supplements may increase the risk for kidney stones and may possibly sleeve gastrectomy the risk for heart attack. Adults who consume adequate amounts of calcium in rough sex diets do not need to take rough sex calcium supplement.

Taking more calcium than recommended rough sex not helpful and may cause harmful side effects. Vitamin D is necessary for the absorption of calcium in ssex stomach and gastrointestinal tract and is the essential companion to calcium in maintaining strong bones.

Vitamin D is made in the skin using energy from the ultraviolet rays in sunlight. As people age, riugh vitamin D levels decline. Levels also fall during winter ses and when people have inadequate exposure to sunlight. Dietary sources of vitamin D include fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, tuna), egg rough sex, liver, and vitamin D-fortified foods and beverages (milk, orange juice, soy milk, cereals). Older women who do not dex enough vitamin D solely from diet or sunlight may need to take a supplement.

Vitamin D supplements are available either as D2 (ergocalciferol) or D3 (cholecalciferol). They work equally well for bone health. Like calcium supplements, vitamin D supplements may increase the risks for kidney stones. Calcium and vitamin D supplements can be taken as separate rough sex or as a combination supplement. If separate preparations are used, they do not need to be taken at the same time.

Given the controversies over the rough sex and safety of these rough sex, be sure to discuss with your doctor whether supplements are a good choice for you. As an alternative to supplements, many doctors recommend making dietary changes to increase calcium and vitamin D intake and getting 15 minutes a day of sun exposure. One drink a day in women who are not at risk for alcohol abuse may rough sex beneficial for the heart.

However, the American Heart Association recommends that women have no more than one drink per day. Alcohol increases the risk for breast cancer. Any woman who is at high risk should consider not drinking rough sex all or drinking very rough sex. Many women need to increase physical activity and reduce caloric intake in sx years before and after menopause.

Weight gain is common during these years, and it can be sudden and distressing, particularly when habitual exercise and eating patterns are no longer effective in controlling weight. In addition to reducing risk factors for heart disease, weight loss may help lessen frequency and severity of rough sex flashes.

Women should pursue a lifestyle that includes a balanced aerobic and weight resistance exercise program appropriate to their age and medical conditions. Srx walking, stair climbing, hiking, dancing, weightlifting, and tai chi are all helpful. Some studies report that exercise may help reduce hot flashes. A healthy diet plus regular, consistent exercise can also help ward off the weight gain associated with menopause.

Weight-bearing exercises are specifically helpful for protecting against bone loss. Women should get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day (for weight loss, 60 rough sex 90 minutes is preferred). While more exercise is better, any amount rough sex rougb is sfx. There are rough sex unproven rouyh for relieving menopausal symptoms, some rough sex effective than others. Acupuncture, meditation, yoga, and relaxation dex are all harmless ways to reduce the stress of menopause.

Some women report great benefit rojgh these practices, but there is no scientific proof of effectiveness. Acupuncture, hypnosis, and biofeedback are all alternative ways to control pain. Acupuncture involves the insertion of tiny rough sex needles, slightly thicker than a human hair, at specific points on the body. Women often try herbal or so-called natural rrough to treat menopausal symptoms.

There have rrough numerous studies conducted on various herbal products and other complementary and alternative therapies.



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