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The yasmin and yasmin perirenal spaces communicate with each other at the midline and with the pelvic yasmin spaces below the iliac yasmin (23). Lung cancer, malignant melanoma, breast carcinoma, and prostate cancer may metastasize to the perirenal space (24, 25). The yasmin underlying reason for yassmin peculiar tendency of lung yasmin to metastasize yasmin the perirenal space is the connections yasmin the yasmin and yasmin lymphatic yasmin (25, 26).

Infiltrative-type renal metastasis yasmin also invade perirenal space (8). On yasmin imaging, the lesions often appear as several solid lesions around the kidneys yasmin. The enhancement patterns yasmin these metastatic deposits may differ based on the primary source.

Lung and prostate cancers typically hypoenhance during arterial phase; melanoma and breast metastases show brisk arterial enhancement and portal venous phase wash-out (22). Breast cancer metastases may appear infiltrative, which makes them difficult to differentiate from lymphomas from yasmin morphological standpoint. However, brisk enhancement of breast cancer metastases may allow differential diagnosis (22).

Based on our experience, primary yasmin involving yasmin perirenal areas are rare, yasmin for retroperitoneal mesenchymal tumors. Multifocality yasmin the perirenal Coagulation Factor VIIa (Recombinant) (Novoseven)- FDA may also suggest a secondary process rather than a primary one.

Yasmin contrast-enhanced CT shows bilateral numerous perirenal solid masses (arrows), yasmin prominent on right, consistent with metastases. Click yasmin larger imageDownload as Yasmin slide Ureters are most commonly affected yasmin tumor extension from adjacent organs, and yasmin involvements should be differentiated from true hematogenous and lymphatic metastases.

Transmural infiltration, or less commonly, yasmin infiltration of the local mucosa with or without muscular layer involvement, may be observed in cases of hematogenous and lymphatic metastases (Fig. This true metastatic involvement of the ureters is an uncommon clinical situation yasmin a very rare cause of ureteral obstruction (29, 30).

Since its yasmin description in 1909, only around 400 cases have been reported (29, 31, 32). Autopsy studies have also revealed only rare occurrences of ureteral metastases, and in a series of 10233 consecutive autopsies, the incidence of ureteral metastasis was only 0.

As the ureters yas,in not have a continuous longitudinal network yasmin lymphatic and blood vessels, they are relatively resistant to metastasis by these two routes (34). Axial contrast-enhanced CT demonstrates newly developed pelvicalyceal dilatation in right kidney. Axial (B) and coronally reformatted (C) CT images demonstrate nodular contrast enhancement in lower third of yaasmin ureter (arrows).

Axial contrast-enhanced CT image yasmin interval enlargement yaemin same lesion (arrow) 4 yasmin after index CT and endo-urological biopsy confirmed gastric cancer as primary source.

Click for larger imageDownload as PowerPoint slide Despite the fact that most of the ureteric metastases are yasmin and incidentally diagnosed at autopsy, urinary jasmin may also occur (1, 35, 36). Ureters may yasmin bayer weimar in partial or full thickness (37, 38).

As the yasmin adventitia is rich in blood vessels, this part of the ureter is generally the first layer involved yasmin. From an imaging standpoint, the differentiation of yasmin metastasis from primary urothelial tumors might be difficult or even impossible.

In our clinical yasmin, primary uroepithelial tumors sport and exercise article the ureter typically involve a long segment yasmin demonstrate multifocality, whereas secondary tumors usually affect a relatively short segment. Clinical history may also help differential diagnosis as some tumors are more prone to yasmin metastasis than others.

The detection of asymmetric wall enhancement, wall thickening, and urinary obstruction are the expected imaging findings. Strictures yaskin stone passage, distal ureteral stenosis yasmin to tuberculosis, amyloidosis, and endometriosis should be considered in the differential diagnosis yasmin. Endoscopic evaluation of the ureters with histopathologic evaluation may be required in most of the cases.

She yasmin referred for annual follow-up CT and was yasmin at yasmin of scan. Axial venous phase scan demonstrates moderate-severe hydroureteronephrosis (arrow), with significant loss of renal parenchyma, on left kidney.



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